Writer’s Bill to Pay $ 2,300

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Writer’s Bill to Pay $ 2,300

With a narrow margin, the Associated Student Government (ASG) passed a bill to allocate $2,300 to the purchase of 30 health club moves for Montrose campus students to work with at the Montrose Recreation Center. Since the Hamilton Recreation Center, which enrolled students pay charges, is over 60 miles away, Montrose students are not likely to utilize it as their main gym.

The bill was presented by Montrose Campus Senator Nayeli Zavala to ASG. It passed 4-3 when the bill was seen by FAC Monday.

Senators were worried about the practical issues surrounding the fitness center moves, for example who will get the moves and what will occur if students do not use them regularly. According to Zavala, in past years, the moves are first-come, first-serve, but may be revoked if a student doesn’t rely on them at least eight times each month.

Director of Student Life Shane O’Neill stepped to the assembly to further explain Zavala’s answers, stating that he can monitor what students are currently enrolled and how frequently they use their moves.

Senator Jeff Vela was compared to the bill and called it a “Band-Aid repair alternative,” arguing that ASG should discover other solution to the problem, besides a limited number of moves.

“The problem with passing the bill would be the administration expects us to pass it,” Vela stated, arguing that if the administration sees them reject the bill in favour of a long-term solution, they may begin to focus on this solution.

Vela also urged senators to become fiscally conservative and remember the funds out of the student-controlled book fund (SCRF) will not be replenished next year.

Vela’s anxiety mirrors a matter President Ben Linzey spoke in their own president ’s accounts. Following a meeting with Vice President of Student Services John Marshall and Director of Student Life Shane O’Neill, Linzey cautioned senators to become “leery how far they’re spending” so they do not establish a precedent of surplus allocations.

Linzey also noted some long term fixes for your Montrose campus problem, which might include another allocation of student charges or including items such as such in ASG’s operating funds. The second alternative would allow the money to be allocated throughout the process. Linzey said he would suggest the first choice of adding the price into student charges for the next year.

Senate Leader Sam Gaasch presented a compromise, arguing that ASG must pass the bill with minimal cuts because of this semester and continue to work on the long term solution for next year. Senator Jay Shearrow urged death the bill.

Senator Elise Leonard proposed an amendment to alter the price per pass to $20.00 instead of $26.00, that could induce students to include $6.00 of the own money to purchase a pass. The change failed.

ASG saw only 1 club bill during their assembly, which was for its Mesa Catholic Alternative Spring Break and could devote only $1054.76 of a total $9594.61 trip price to send 9 students to the Appalachian Mountains.

Senator Richard Nguyen called this an “impressive” bill also mentioned the large club contribution and the assignment at the core of the trip as reasons to support the bill. After a roll call vote, the bill passed unanimously with one abstention.

Throughout her account, Gaasch said that many candidates have approached her to the place of Minority Senator made by Shelby Cerise’s resignation last week. The candidates before any senators vote will narrow down .

ASG’s additional three statements were in regard to proposed changes to their own constitution and could be read in another report.

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