The New 32-inch System

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The New 32-inch System

Coordinator of Career Services Amanda Nicksic maintained the new system is an improvement on the old method, which wasn’t as easy for pupils to use. Nicksic likened Handshake to LinkedIn and Facebook.

“nonetheless, I believe students understand it simpler. It’s a lot simpler to browse,” Nicksic explained. You simply have to go in and activate your account and then fill it in with your own information, which means it is possible to set on your resumes along with your abilities and that sort of material, and then companies may look right at your profile if you’t applied for work. ”

Handshake is the exclusive source for Colorado Mesa University to place on-campus jobs, but it is not limited to CMU professions. Students can also use Handshake to search for national and local jobs. The system was explained by nicksic as one-stop-shopping.

Career Services held the case at the UC to deliver consciousness to the new system and help pupils set up their profile. After students were launched satisfactorily, they had been entered to acquire the horizontal screen TV.

“Engagement is always driven through prizes,” Manager of Student Life Shane O’Neill explained. “This happens pretty frequently through the board. I don’t even understand if we could necessarily put an specific number on how many occasions we get it done per year, but a lot of the times we’ve got various people or different sections amongst campus approach us and be in a position to ask us for service and’s one of those things that we’re always sort of here for. ”

Whether they were motivated by the decoration or jobs, an hour after the event began, over 1,000 students were about their profiles based on Nicksic.

Students can log via their MAVzone account into Handshake.

“Really put some time into your profile because it is possible to use to jobs out of there and companies are considering it,” Nicksic explained. “Take the time to own your own profile appear good because it’s going to be representative of you. ”

All CMU pupils are able to begin using Handshake. CMU graduates aren’t deducted from your job-searching service it gives. Career Services offers assistance to all alumni at no cost. To Learn More, contact Career Services at the UC.

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