Skateboarding Tricks

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Skateboarding Tricks

You’t seen Tiago Lemos’s impossible Switch Backside Tailside about the enormous MACBA ledge in Barcelona. Now find out the 2017 Trick of the Year moved.

2017 has been the year to judge. Anyone in the top 5 might have taken it. Nevertheless, when it came to the final decision the TOTY judges couldn’t consider anybody in skateboarding that may SWITCH Backside Tailslide that high with a ledge for this! Skateboarding isn’t necessarily about performing the technically hard suggestion or hucking the biggest group. There’s something to be said about making a flatground, many or even ledge trick appear beautiful while still blowing folks’s minds. That’s some thing that only a few individuals may do. By being reposted by heavy press outlets that were handed to all the Pros Backside Tailslide took skateboarding into a different level and will still be admired 10 years from today.

Congrats Tiago about accepting the 2017 Trick of the Year and also the $10,000!

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