The Christmas Movie

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The Christmas Movie

Scrooge had nothing whatsoever on these authorities! Force generates the & lsquo; rsquo & most gloomy; Christmas video showing small woman weeping as her dad is detained for attracting her gifts for individuals to keep valuables concealed

An video has been released by police in a bid to warn folks to keep their belongings safe throughout the festive period.

The film tells the story of an offender dad who attempts to give his family stolen items as presents.

It is narrated by a girl who talks excitedly about the gifts and Christmas she wants Santa to bring her.

‘I adore Christmas, my Daddy says it’s period of the year,’ she says. ‘Daddy asked me what I wanted from Santa, and so I wrote a list. ’

The movie shows the woman & rsquo; s dad buying presents in a toy shop, as she speaks.

On Christmas Eve, the small woman eagerly looks in the gifts also decorates the family Christmas tree.

However, the video takes a turn when there is a knock on your door.

It is at it this moment that it becomes evident that things are not quite as it’s revealed that & lsquo; Daddy & rsquo; is a thief as they look.

Unaware of this crucial detail, the woman cried to answer the door hoping that it is Santa visiting to commemorate Christmas pleasure on the household.

However, two very police officers that bundle the father and take the presents as evidence, leaving the guy & rsquo; s wife and daughter in tears on the stairs instead meet her.

It is soon revealed that ‘rsquo & Daddy; got a taste for thieving after having a lost wallet. From that moment on, no possession was secure.

He’s seen stealing a guy’so tote, a cell phone, mixed presents in the unlocked car and toys .

There is, clearly, lsquo; rsquo & Daddy & no meal for offender; as he spends Christmas Day wrapped up in a police cell and that he must instead contend with a pot noodle.

Leicestershire Police hopes that the tale will encourage people to not become distracted while out and about having valuables.

Local Policing Superintendent Shane O’Neill said: & lsquo; Christmas is an occasion for fun and celebration, and we need everyone in Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland to be able to enjoy the festivities.

‘But December is a busy time and individuals may be a bit because of the number of things they need to do. This can lead to people needing to lock vehicles or their doors, leaving their presents or taking more risks than normal.

‘shooting a few additional minutes to test you’ve locked up and not left buys in house or your vehicle can assist you and your loved ones enjoy Christmas. ’

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