The Big Boys

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The Big Boys

Nyjah & Shane vs. The New Kids

SLS isn’t a top notch contest series where we find out who one of rsquo & the planet;s most gifted contest skaters is your best at doing ridiculously challenging tricks on road obstacles that are manmade. It’s also a number of the best in skate amusement, operating up fodder for hours of heated debate and friendly debate with the bros.. Do challenges damage Nyjah’so opportunities? For flying from this path which one time can Evan get felt too large? If it have been scored higher? Can it be much much better if the arrangement allowed for more bails? Fewer bails? Does audience reaction matter to those judges? And rsquo & hasn;t Joslin won? As the SLS talking heads that the last few decades, Geoff Rowley and I are always looking that sum up what we think could be well worth paying attention to. The questions on our minds were this: Can the scales remain tipped in Shane’s prefer like they had been in the struggle between he and Nyjah in 2016? Or could some children that are new that are young be coming back to change the dialogue?

Louie Lopez boosting a Kickflip during his Tampa Pro run

Tampa Pro in March was the very first opportunity. Tampa is the sole SLS North American Qualifier, in addition, it brings out each of the SLS Experts, however it’s far cry from a stadium contest, without the best trick section, no counting the top 4 of 7 attempts, no ISX scoring, without a concession stand sexy dogs either unfortunately. Tampa is old college, having a top of 3 run hopefully and format no children skate through the Finals onto the class. And in that setting, the 2017 Tampa Pro was all Louie Lopez. Sure there was still debate. Can Kelvins kickflip fs dull happen before or after time? However, since I’t heard people state in years past “This’s Tampa. ” Along with rsquo & that;s what makes Tampa rad. Having seen 21 of the 23 Tampa Pros I know from experience that it’s all about the moment. Not a suggestion for suggestion breakdown of those who did what and what the points on each should be. Louie’s run was a masterpiece of stoke and variety and flow, not merely a grab bag of maneuvers. Along with the bargain was sealed by also the tre around the quarter at time, and you need to admit it’s an illustration of anyone ever doing that trick, from the blue in a contest run, such as that. Either way, together with rsquo & Louie;s win we must chalk up one for the children that are more recent. And putting 6th, but FIRST the non-SLS pros, big ups among all . Dave’therefore that he isn & rsquo, s 31;t really a new child but he’s pretty young in mind and a great addition to the League.

Then it was off to Barcelona for the SLS Pro Open, where 30 of their top of the top Qualifiers (non-SLS Experts) from across the world are invited to duke it out for 2 available areas around the SLS World Tour. The Barcy scene is second to none and contest or no contest it’s one of the greatest places for skateboarding on earth. The vibe is much more relaxed than any of those arena stops but the stakes for those in the Qualifiers creates the intensity very real. It’s a opportunity to observe skaters you don’t find in competitions: Sebo Walker Marek Zaprazny, Diego Najera and Kevin Bradley to name a couple.

Diego Najera amazing view with this 360 Flip

None of these skaters caused it to the Finals regrettably, but the ones who did made up for this. Notably Nyjah Huston along with Shane O’Neill as well as two of the newest children: 2016 Tampa Am winner Dashawn Jordan, and Japan’s Yuto Horigome who has been putting it down in incidents that the calendar year all around the world. As the sole two non-SLS skaters to make Finals, both Dashawn and Yuto wrapped up SLS World Tour spots as fresh SLS Experts and ensured that we’ll be speaking about them for a long moment. Along with a backside 270 noseslide on the bump assisted Yuto get all of the way up . Nyjah and Shane were fighting or the win when Nyjah fakie reversed the volcano on his second final attempt to get the 8.8 and took the lead out of Shane. When Shane couldn’t make the nollie tre fs plank down the railing (and who else in the world would ever even attempt this) Nyjah got his first victory. But once more, how about these new children?

Yuto Horigome with a Nollie 270 Alter Backside Tailside

The second SLS occasion and SLS World Tour end of this year went down in Munich Germany, schnitzel with beer is for sale on every corner and where the history runs deep. The setting was the site of the 1972 Olympics and rsquo & there;s no a/c in the building or they simply didn’t feel as though turning it to, but no matter the reason it was sexy. Like the skating. Dashawn maintained by qualifying in 1st place from this Prelims, which is enormous considering this was his first occasion as a formal SLS Pro, the flame lit. We were given one of the showings from Carlos Ribeiro yet by Munich, and he’s consistently on stage. However, this time he took an approach that went deep on mild and the tech on the toes all of the way to his very first SLS podium finish. Nevertheless, the real headline coming from this contest would have been that: Nyjah Fends off Yuto for the Win (But barely!) . Yuto had the most audience support of any other skater in the contest, in fact that they have been chanting his name. And he ALMOST got the win in Munich but had to settle for second after missing his crucial trick. Shane shocked us all and missed the 8 cut. So…he IS individual?

We had been back in Chicago for the final stop before the Super Crown World Championship in Los Angeles, which made it the opportunity for SLS Experts to stack season points to make the top 8 cut and find the invite. For a few skaters, their sole Super Crown hope was to get a miracle win over Shane, Nyjah and everyone else to get a Golden Ticket straight to the huge show. That seemed improbable and speak was turning to Nyjah’s likelihood finishing the year with two wins. Four additional skaters, such as Joslin and Luan, were still in a heated race to qualify, and despite his own successes Yuto needed a whole lot of work to do to make Super Crown since he didn’t possess any Pro Open points because of not technically being a formal SLS Pro until after the Barcelona contest was finished. Having there being a win his sole hope and Dashawn & rsquo; s odds were even worse. Matters weren’t looking good for anyone besides Nyjah when he travelled to get a switch frontside flip towards the cover of the hubba, just missed getting back his foot onto the tail, and did the breaks of a lifetime, and mercifully didn’t get taken out to a stretcher.

Seemingly Dashawn Jordan thrives on tension, because when he drifted a laser flip off the cover of the hubba it was all in, nothing or everything, and when he rolled away clean he jumped out before Nyjah and won it, then’s just how Dashawn got his Golden Ticket to the Super Crown World Championship. After missing the whole 2016 year because of 15, Torey Pudwill finished 2nd behind Dashawn. Regrettably for Luan Oliveira, Dashawn rsquo & Jordan;s final minute heroics squashed of skating in yet another Super Crown his chances. Yuto’s season stopped Dashawn although in Chicago’s success was enough to maintain the children anthem that is new alive.

The intensity of the Super Crown World Championship is insane. For starters there are just 8 skaters invited and they could’t be considered anything less than the eight contest skaters on earth at the moment. Having said that, not in fighting shape when they arrived in the Galen Center in Los 21, all of them were. Dashawn needed a wrapped ankle, T-puds was below the weather, also Tiago & Carlos were burned off from a week of heavy ripping in the streets. On top unless you’re a veteran with ice water flowing rsquo & there;s blow and rsquo; ll & a fantastic chance you panic it beneath each of the strain. Whether Dashawn & rsquo; s ankle gave despair to him or he panicked is up for debate, but it may have been the fault of a board in the suggestion in his first run of the contest. Either way he wound up in 7th, which wasn’t really the fairy tale ending a few people might have wanted to watch, but hey, Dashawn came a LONG way in a very brief time: Tampa Am in November 2016 to the Super Crown in a 10-month period.

At the end of the day it was contest killers and the pros that landed on the top three. Kelvin Hoefler after exploding back his leg in 2016, with finished a shocking comeback positioned next. In some ways Kelvin is an skater that is even better than that he was before the accident. After he used to depend more heavily onto his big handrail tricks to rack up things, he’s toned down the gnar a level but at precisely the identical time turned up the issue level in the run section, making him more well rounded and tougher to beat in general.

SLS World Champion in 2014 and 2012, Nyjah Huston, was coming to the weekend at health. He’d knocked himself landed in the hospital, also left people wondering maybe not or whether he & rsquo skate. But skate he did, appearing calm, relaxed, focused, and essentially unbeatable as he worked his way to first after posting a 9.0 and a 9.2 in the runs section, then doing a nollie heels leading noseblunt around the handrail to get a 9.3 plus a backside 270 flip lipslide to get a 9.5. At the stage, in place defended 2016 SLS World Champ Shane O’Neill, the only skater who was still to take Nyjah out. And with one Best Trick effort left he needed a 9.6. Shane has developed a 9.9 in his past, therefore a 9.6 is within range. And he strove a change backside bigspin dual flip what just Shane could attempt, and he landed ON it, but didn & rsquo; t figure out how to roll away. If he had, there’s a chance he’d have skated away with all the things he needed to win. However, rsquo & that;s all conjecture. Nyjah dominated another SLS year with his 3rd lifetime Super Crown World Champion win, after taking one win in 2016. The season had one of the greatest endings in history, and well sets up the storylines for second year: Will the scales remain leaned in rsquo & Nyjah;like they had been in the battle between he and Shane in 2017 s prefer? Or would the children that are new that are young turn over the applecart after and for all? Stay tuned to learn.

2017 SLS World Champion — Nyjah Huston

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