Enniskillen Courthouse.

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Enniskillen Courthouse.
Enniskillen Courthouse.

A FATHER-of-four who was hiding £150 value of cannabis beneath a dog kennel in the back of his property was told that he was setting a bad example for his children, Fermanagh Magistrates Court has heard.

The court heard thats address, police had uncovered an amount of cannabis valued in £150 concealed in the back of the property beneath a dog kennel.

During police meeting, O’Neill told the officers that he’d paid £110 for the cannabis, which was for his use, three days before the hunt.

The defendant added that he hid the medication .

District judge Nigel Broderick discovered: & ldquo; He shouldn & rsquo, upon hearing this;t even have it on the house in any respect, in case he? ”

Solicitor, Garry Smyth, told the court that, according to a pre-sentence report that had been ready, his client played ldquo a &;rdquo & very positive function.

When the judge asked if social services knew that he’d cannabis around his residence, Mr. Smyth stressed that social services were not involved with the suspect’s family.

The solicitor said that O’Neill, who had entry of significance on his document from three years back, was prepared in the event the court believed it proper to comply by a disposal.

In mitigation, Mr. Smyth told the court that the client had entered an early guilty plea and had made a full entry into the police.

District judge, Mr. Broderick, found that the defendant appeared to have an issue with cannabis.

He said that, with four young children O & rsquo; rsquo & Neill shouldn; t even have it in his house and was & ldquo.

The judge levied a 12-month Probation Order .

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